Anderside Classic 2012 Results

A difficult day for the Anderside Classic 2012, strong winds and noticeable dip in temperature from the previous weeks but the threat of rain held off and the race was held in dry conditions.

Evan Oliphant returned to defend his title

Robbie Hassan and team Herbalife prepare for the day.

The roll out, neutralised to the top of the first climb to allow the rider in the background to get back after suffering a puncture on departure.

The race proper, the first climb out of Stewarton sees the break form as David Lines of Pedal Power Endura-Forme Racing and Kit Gilham of Team Herbalife-Leisure Lake establish a couple of bike lengths off the front. In the background in the centre of the bunch, Robbie Hassan of Herbalife and Colin Humphrey of Sports Cover Altura prepare their attack to get on to the break.

Second lap of the Stewarton circuit and the break has fully formed, six riders got away, Ben Greenwood of, David Lines of Pedal Power Endura-Forme racing, Colin Humphrey of Sports Cover Altura, Andrew Whitehall of Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers, with Kit Gilham and Robbie Hassan of Team Herbalife-Leisure Lakes

In the main group behind however, Evan Oliphant of Team Raleigh GAC wasn’t keen on losing his title and kept chasing hard.

Lap three and the pace kept up, the leading group now with over a minute over the chasing bunch with the pack a further thirty seconds behind as the speed started to break the race apart.

Evan Oliphant again leading the charge to gain contact with the leading group.

Start of the Quarry/Clunch circuits and the pace is starting to show. The lead group still looking comfortable but the chasing group had been drastically thinned down.

The leading group stretched out following the short descent from the quarry.

By this time the gap had gone out to over two minutes but Evan was still chasing hard, carefully marshalled by Simon Baxter and Andrew Hawdon of Team Herbalife who were scarcely away from his shoulder the entire day.

Second lap of the Quarry, as the riders get to the top they are still close in together as gaps start to appear in the chasing group.


Determination on faces of Ben Greenwood and Robbie Hassan on the last lap.

The chasing group with the start of the final climb of the day in the background

On the final lap, Andrew Whitehall and David Lines lost touch on the final quarry climb, Colin Humphrey gave it his all but couldn’t match the final kick of Robbie Hassan, Ben Greenwood and Kit Gilham for the line

Kit dropped back leaving the race between Ben and Robbie, who made his final lunge for the line

And after 93 miles of racing the winning margin was less than a wheel as Robbie Hassan took it on the line from Ben Greenwood and team mate Kit Gilham


In true sportsmanship, Ben joins Kit and Robbie to congratulate them at the end of the race.

Two and a half minutes down, Evan crosses the line at the tail end of the chasing group, his two Herbalife marshalls crossing the line ahead of him. An outstanding effort by the reigning Anderside Classic champion as he fought the entire day against the odds.

Nothing could be taken away from Robbie Hassan however, an excellent ride and kick for the finish winning him this years title and trophy. Our congratulations to him for his victory.


Full Results


Anderside Classic 2012


1          Robbie Hassan             (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes                   03:48:41
2          Ben Greenwood            (                                             same time
3          Kit Gilham                     (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes                   same time
4          Colin Humphrey             (Sports Cover Altura)                                         same time
5          Gary Hand                    (Pedal Power Endura-Forme Racing)                  @ 02:28
6          Simon Baxter                (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes                   @ 02:29
7          Andrew Hawdon            (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes                   same time
8          Scott McCrossan          (Rock to Roll Cycles Ltd)                                   same time
9          Evan Oliphant               (Team Raleigh GAC)                                          @ 02:31
10         David Lines                   (Pedal Power Endura-Forme Racing)                  @ 02:40
11         Andrew Whitehall           (Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers)                     same time
12         Chris Sherriffs               (Team Bglobal)                                                  @ 04:13
13         Craig Adams                 (GJS Racing Team)                                           @ 04:15
14         Craig Wallace                (Granite City RT)                                                same time
15         Peter Murdoch              (Team Cyclelane)                                               @ 05:18
16         Neil Taylor                     (Edinburgh RC)                                                 @ 05:50
17         Eddie Addis                  (Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers)                     @ 06:04
18         Richard McDonald         ( )                              same time
19         Jack Barrett                  (Velocity44)                                                       @ 06:07
20         Ewan Pope                   (Glasgow Couriers)                                            @ 06:10
21         Liam Cowie                   (Pedal Power Endura-Forme Racing)                  @ 06:18
22         Alister Watt                   (Granite City RT)                                                @ 06:21
23         Rich Semple                 (                               @ 07:49
24         Jamie Kennedy           (Glasgow Couriers)                                            @ 08:58
25         Tim Blathwayt                (Veloclub Edinburgh)                                         @ 09:02
26         Mathew MacDonald       (Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers)                     @10:44
27         Tom Macdonald            (Lomond Roads)                                               same time
28         Gavin Shirley                 (                               @ 10:47
29         John Brown                   (Kyklos/Edco RT)                                              same time
30         Ewan Minty                   (Berwick Wheelers)                                            same time
31         Joe Larner                     (Edinburgh RC)                                                 @ 10:53
32         Chris Stewart                 (Classic Racing)                                                @ 10:57
33         Richard Garrett              (Veloclub Edinburgh)                                         same time
34         Dominic Hines               (Veloclub Edinburgh)                                         @ 10:59
35         Russell Bayliss              (G.S Metro)                                                       same time
36         Mark Skilling                 (Ayr Roads)                                                      same time
37         Derek Walker                (East Kilbride RC)                                              same time
38         Stephen Russell            (Team Cyclelane)                                               @ 11:18
39         Ewan McDougall           (Elgin Cycling Club)                                           @ 11:27
40         Lewis Oliphant               (Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers)                     same time

So an excellent race and we at V.C Astar would like to thank the Riders, the Teams, The Sponsors, The British and Scottish cycling federations and most importantly the volunteers who take the time to ensure that we have a safe and well run race every year.


Although there was a warning to Robbie from Chris Stewart of Classic Racing, the next generation wasn’t happy with the result and will be looking for revenge in a few years.

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